Ten Steps to Owning Your "Happily Ever After" Home.

Step One

Let's get excited! Contact your LaunchPad agent. Think of us as your personal matchmaker. It's going to be a fun journey. High's, lows, excitement, and hopefully one of those "for ever after" stories. We'll start by sitting down and going through what you'd like to see in your dream home.

Step Two

Let's talk about the journey. We'll talk you through all the complex stuff and guide you through contracts, escrow, inspections, the mortgage process, and chat about the market too. Set expectations.

Step Three

The boring bit. Contact a loan officer (we have suggestions) and get prequalified for your new home. They don't bite, and the experience doesn't have to be "that bad". They may even become your best confidant, you'll probably end up eating ice cream together. They'll give you a "pre qualification letter". Think of it as a license find a home.

Step Four

Back to the fun stuff (at last!). We'll find some fantastic homes to see on MLS, Zillow, or wherever you feel most comfortable searching. It's like Tinder, but you're the only one that gets to swipe right. We will even go and video your favorite homes to save you time when we actually hit the road.

Step Five

Speed Dating.. We tour the homes you really like. Find great neighborhoods. Learn about local Restaurants, Schools, Parks, Entertainment, Sports. Drive around. Work out what suits your lifestyle. Narrow down the choices. Maybe some second dates? Until...

Step Six

It's love! You've found your dream home, the one you can live "Happily Ever After" with. We write a contract with you, guide you on price, and present it to the seller's agent. We negotiate on your behalf, and get you under contract. Just like the process we discussed in step three. You'll open escrow. It can be seriously exciting and nerve wracking. It's time to share the news...

Step Seven

"So, Mum, I met this home last night, we're engaged!" Crickets.. Buzzkill.. First let's have a closer look. We'll guide you through home inspections. You'll have a chance to kick the tires, ask the seller to do some things to bring it up to scratch. Once that's agreed, we'll move on to appraisals, ice cream with your loan officer. If that all works we are off to the closing table in the glow of shared approval.

Step Eight

Meet your Escrow Officer. Think of them as your sensible sibling, the one that became a Librarian. You'll already be email friends, shared information to each other, and they will be holding your earnest money in a neutral account. You'll go through all the final paperwork with them in person and sign a huge number of documents. They will guide you through everything and answer all your questions. You'll leave exhausted but happy. You are almost there!

Step Nine

Put the champagne on ice! A couple of days before closing we'll accompany you to a final walk through. If everything checks out and the seller has done everything you asked, you sign one last bit of paper and are ready for the very last step. Spoiler alert, the last step, that really big "At The Altar" moment? It's automatic.

Step Ten

What? No closing table? We can get one for you, but you're in AZ and we don't have one here. On the day of close your funds will transfer from your bank and your lender to title. Title will distribute the funds to the seller and send electronic confirmation to record at the City.

And you will own a home and live "Happily Ever After".


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